Leading Children Through Christmas

Get Organised for Christmas

According to my calculations (spreadsheet driven, naturally) there are fifty six days until Christmas. That’s eight weeks people. Have you thought about it? Would you hate me if I told you I’ve already brought some gifts and have a list for the rest? Hmmm…I won’t say anything then. In case you haven’t quite started thinking about it yet, I wanted to share some thought prompting ideas now. I’ve also put together a cute printable!

Tips to get Organised for Christmas


Write a list of all the people you will be buying presents for this year.

  • Work out a budget that you can afford to spend in total.
  • Allocate an amount to each person on the list.
  • Think about gift ideas.
  • Then think about whether the gifts will be purchased online or handmade – so you can allow enough time beforehand. Set a date by when you need to order or make these items.
  • Think about events you may have to attend (Playgroup Christmas Party, a street party etc.) and whether you may have to bring a present or cards for the attendees. If so, add them to your list (especially if you want to be crafty!).

Christmas Day – do you know yet what that will look like? Start thinking about ideas for meals and snacks now.

Start buying non-perishables (Champagne anyone?) early when sales are on to save money. You could even add one item to your shop each week so it’s not so hard on your budget.

Bonus Tips for During the Year

  • Put money aside each month so at Christmas time you have some savings available.
  • Make notes in your phone if people mention things they need, like or want. Then when it comes to Christmas time, you have your list already!

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